FlatBridge Construction Services Inc.

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Incorporated in 1998, FlatBridge Construction Services Inc. (FCS) is developing the reputation as a client-oriented, professional provider of services to the pipeline, construction and mining and quarry industries.

In addition to providing a resourceful, responsive project team we also pride ourselves with an operating focus on our client needs and business objectives.


We continually strive to enhance our ability, not only to provide our clients with exceptional professional services but also to attract, retain and develop highly qualified team, and to uphold our reputation as the team that provides quality, efficient and reliable services, with the ability to achieve results.                        

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FCS is committed to search for solutions that will ensure safe operations in conjunction with adherence to construction and maintenance specifications and schedules.Our team is focussed on safety, service and results, and we are confident in our ability to provide invaluable assistance to overall execution of the project in which we are involved.                                                                                     [Down][Up]

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One means of assisting our valued Clients in achieving their goal is through quality control, which in the long run will produce a cost effective and a safe project. We strive to deliver services that will meet or exceed expectations, and it is our practice to represent our clients’ best interests and ensure satisfaction at all time.

We would welcome the opportunity to pre-qualified and subsequently, be allowed to bid on any construction project(s) your company may have.

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